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With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of online events, the web has become a popular way of increasing participation in traditional events, at a relatively low cost. Blue Shadow Group makes it easy for you and your audience. With our complete video streaming solutions we can help you spread your message further, offer better value to delegates and even generate an additional income stream for you and we can deliver your presentations live or swiftly post event.

Video Streaming / Webcasting allows you to deliver your presenter and their presentation in a single video file that can be loaded to the web live or on-demand and used however you want quickly and easily.

With this solution all your content is delivered in a single video file that can be loaded to YouTube (or your video hosting service). Using the power of YouTube we can deliver your content ‘live’ or ‘on demand’ in full HD format. Allowing your viewer to feel like they are in the room .

Video Streaming delivers a video that can be played back anywhere and on any device that can access YouTube. These videos can then be hosted in any number of players/ playlists that can be delivered on your site or a custom microsite.

With countless options and uses for these videos, Video Streaming is an extremely effective and cost saving solution to capturing your corporate event.

Check out a sample of Video Streaming 


Web streaming your conference gives you flexibility and control of your content and online engagement.

At Blue Shadow Group we can customise a solution to deliver your content to your audience i.e. 

  • Microsites – with your branding and your logos
  • Generic players to embed on your site
  • Web links to load to your emails and newsletters
  • YouTube or Vimeo channels
  • Offline delivery on USB or DVD
  • LIVE OR ON-DEMAND Devlivery 

What does the video look like?

The video look is fairly flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. However it follows the basic look as in the sample. Individual screens can be placed anywhere and we have the ability to go between full screens on any element (pre-determined during recording). 

The Web Player

Our Web player has a range of features to enable quick and easy access across all web platforms. The player can run multiple video lists to allow content to be broken down into streams or days as required. It can be viewed easily on a phone tablet or desktop computer. It incorporates video search, social sharing, a range of skins and other great features. All these features can be turned off or on as needed. Check it out by clicking the button below.

Check out a Playlist

Closed captioning 

Want to make your video available to a wider audience? Then get in touch Blue Shadow Group have a team of staff ready to get your YouTube Videos Closed Captioned

Slides and Audio Capture;


Always wanted a way to capture all the sessions at your next event but don't have the budget for a full team of operators to capture each room? Blue Shadow Group has developed a solution to quickly and paisley capture your Presenters Media and thier voice and deliver it fast online. 

Your content can be quickly delivered online or on USB - Usually within 24 to 48 hours post event

Streaming the presenter Media is similar to the full video streaming option however there is no video of there is no video of the presenter. This solution works well for breakout sessions, and the added benifit is that one operator can control multiple rooms meaning large savings on the cost of your conference capture. 

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