Why use “video” to promote your business? – Part 4

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Daniel de Vries

Generating Ideas – by Daniel de Vries

The key to coming up with a killer idea, irrespective of style or goal is adhering to a rigorous creative process that lets the story, rather than the medium of story-telling, drive decisions about appropriate form and core goals.

  1. Content gap analysis – What do people care about? What might work in your niche? What have other people done in different verticals?
  2. Form gap analysis – What style of content is appropriate for your idea? Is video really the right form?
  3. Work out what you want to achieve – Pick out the core purpose of your content. Should you build different bits of content to achieve different aims or can you hit all your goals with one bit of content?
  4. Develop your idea – Who is your target audience? What style of content will work well to achieve for your goals?

Content Gap Analysis
While video can be an extremely valuable asset for businesses with an online presence, it’s not always going to be the best form for every kind of content and every type of business.
Typical failings in the creative process come when companies decide to do video before they have relevant and appropriate idea for the content it will contain.

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