Conference Venue Brisbane

Conference Venues Blue Shadow Group is able to assist you, not only in the Search and Selection phase, but also to evaluate venue options clients may have already selected.

Our experience and venue capability assessment is extensive. We can assess any location to determine how to maximise the use of the space; and how to ‘work with the venue’ to create your ideal event. Our digital production team can also make arrangements for your venue and event, to be webcast enabled.

Blue Shadow Group has worked in premier hotels, specialist venues and convention centres, and understands the pre-requisites required to ensure delivery of a seamless event.

Note: Venues often have in-house preferred event or audio visual suppliers – however, clients are able to select the supplier they wish to use at any venue. If the venue wishes to charge a ‘cost for a technician on duty, due to their preference to use an external supplier, we are happy to cover this cost to ensure our clients have ‘freedom of choice’.

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