The Easiest Way to Cut Event Costs without Cutting a Thing

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Daniel de Vries By Daniel de Vries

We all need to make money in business or the plain honest truth is that we will not survive in the long term.  If you are planning an event then the chances are that you are very busy and need to rely on others to assist you.  There are many times in this situation that we look at a proposal from a venue or event supplier and we accept the “package” and skip over the “details”.

It is surprising how many people are not aware of or do not question additional charges.  For example if you take a package with a venue that includes their on-site audio visual contractor then normal business practice suggests that the venue will add a % to be able to deliver this service.  If you decide to use your own audio visual contractor then you may face a surcharge to offset this %.

If you hire Blue Shadow group to run your event and manage the process then you may be surprised at the level of detail we insist on in order to save you more dollars than our event manager costs you.  We have great relationships with most venues and as a result we can often negotiate using our buying power to waive many fees that you would otherwise have paid.

Blue Shadow Group event organisers take away the stress from you  as the event owner and we often reduce the costs too.  If you are under budget  then you look good which makes us look good.  You may even want to spend the excess budget to add extra wow to the event.

Call us next time you feel the event stress levels and push it all on to us with a smile… it’s what we do.

Until next time.

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