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Venue Requirements.

Please familiarize yourselves with Venue Requirements BEFORE going to a venue for the first time. Do you need to be inducted?? Do you need to sign in/out???

Incorrect actions and ignorance may result in Blue Shadow Group being Banned from a venue.

Ask yourself this

“Do you want to keep your job?”


Everyone has been given ample notice about when Time-sheets are to be done. It is apparent that many of you are putting time-sheets in as an afterthought (usually one or two days later). This is not acceptable as it is a requirement of your job to submit Time-sheets and Event/Expo Feedback forms where applicable at the end of your shift. I will give each of you one warning and then if Time-sheets are not submitted correctly you will be paid one day later with the Casuals.

If, for the unusual circumstance that you are unable to log on – Time-sheets can be submitted to me via text or email when they are due.

BREAKS During your Shift: It is responsibility of all staff to take a break during your work day if you have worked as follows.  In a span of a single shift where the shift will be longer than 5 hours, a 1/2 hour break must be taken. No part of the time that should be allowed as a break will be counted as ordinary hours of work.

Whether you choose to take a break or not to take a break  – a break will be added to your timesheet.

Event/Expo Feedback Forms: Not everyone is completing the online feedback forms at the completion of every job (the technician in charge of each job is responsible for this!) These are a compulsory part of every job and are relied upon as far down the line as myself (BrettM) with regards to invoicing clients the correct amounts so that we can all be paid. A job is considered to be a  Bump-In, a Bump-out & an Operating job. (3 feedback forms in total)

Note: It is important that Feedback forms include any extra labour or equipment that was not on the original job.

What are the main factors that will make Blue Shadow Group a better place for ALL the team.

  1. Communication – Both Up & Down
  2. Direction Blue Shadow Group is headed – Business Goals – Short Term & Long Term
  3. Culture
  4. Uniform – Methods, Systems, Personal Appearance
  5. Efficiency
  6. Own your JOB!
  7. Training & Tool Box Meetings
  8. Initiative
  10. Try to work out a solution before asking the Question
  11. Approach the right person!
  12. Think about the future consequences of you not passing on information, or reporting a fault, or not completing your job


If any Blue Shadow Group Casual is operating an event – the dress is Black trousers (not jeans) with a black Dress belt (no outlandish buckles), Black dress shoes polished (not sandshoes/runners) and a black long Sleeved Dress shirt tucked in.

If you are found to be inappropriately dressed you will either be sent home or will no longer be given shifts. All Blue Shadow Group dress codes are provided for in Policy #P74











Your leave application will be assessed by the operations manager in a timely manner and they will inform you of the outcome. For various operation reasons this leave application may be denied, please refrain from booking any travel until you have had approval from your operations manager Should this leave application be urgent please ensure you follow up with a phone call to your manager.


(include Number of hires in future & number of Cross Hires to date, Cost of Cross Hire etc):
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Maximum upload size: 33.55MB


Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Include Issues reported by client, problems encountered, solutions applied or recommended


VENUE Requirements  (link to venues BSG has worked at. For more info contact Operations Manager)

If you do not understand any Policies or wordings – ASK your supervisor or the Operations Manager!

P01 Amenities
P02 Internet And Email
P03 Harassment and Bullying
P04 Anti Discrimination
P05 Security
P06 Lighting & Ventilation
P07 Driving
P08 Fire Safety
P09 Not Used
P10 Drug and Alcohol
P11 Personal Leave
P12 Swearing
P13 Forklift Trolley
P14 Working Intercity
P15 Background Music
P16 Operators
P17 Work Expenses
P18 Petty Cash
P19 Communication
P20 Accidents
P21 Disposal-Sale of Laptop, Note Books, Computer Tower
P22 Disposal of Unrepairable Equipment
P23 Commencement of Employment
P24 Customer Service
P25 Borrowing Equipment & Vehicles
P26 Waste Management
P27 Obsolete Equipment
P28 Confidentiality
P29 Telephone
P30 Record Keeping of staff daily hours
P31 Counselling and Employee Warnings
P32 Smoking
P33 Noise
P34 Performance Management
P35 Incident Reporting & Investigation
P36 Intellectual Property
P37 Safe Work
P38 Days in Lieu
P39 Personal Protective Equipment
P40 Leave Without Pay
P41 Damaged Equipment
P42 Quality Control
P43 Fatigue
P44 Employee Remuneration
P45 Job Responsibility Audio Visual
P46 Not Used
P47 Superannuation
P48 Warehouses & Offices
P49 Privacy
P50 Traffic Management
P51 Termination & Redundancy
P52 Record Keeping
P53 Creating a Quote
P54 Creating a Contract
P55 Creating a Deposit Invoice
P56 Receiving Parcels and Mail
P57 Not Used
P58 Not Used
P59 Not Used
P60 Not Used
P61 Not Used
P62 Batteries
P63 Not Used
P64 Desktop Background on Computers
P65 Not Used
P66 Not Used
P67 Not Used
P68 Not Used
P69 Not Used
P72 Lead and Cable Management
P73 Sending an Invoice
P74 Uniforms
P75 Office Hours & Start Times
P76 Equipment Shut down
P77 Excess Equipment & leads on Job Site
P78 Purchase Orders
P79 Not Used
P80 Not Used
P81 Social Media 
P82 Staff Rostering
P83 Staff Parking
P84 Housekeeping
P85 Staff Status Board
P86 New Client Minimum Information Requirements
P87 Gaffer Tape & Electrical Tape
P88 Generator
P89 Booking Flights
P90 Stocktake 
P91 Last Person to Leave Office
P92 Contractor
P93 Casual Employee
P94 Mindfulness
P95 Electrical Safety
P96 Suppliers
P97 Time Off in Lieu
P98 Employee Change of Personal Details
P99 Asbestos
P100 Minimum Break between Shifts
P101 Breaks
P102. Non Employees
P103 JSA – Operations
P104 Split Shifts
P105 Cessation Of Unsafe Work
P106 Exposure To Elements
P107 Time Sheets
P108 Annual Leave
P109 Spray Painting
P110 Negligent Damage to property