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You have sorted out the Event management and have an Audio Visual Solution but have you ever wondered how to integrate social media into your next corporate conference, and we are not just talking about creating a hashtag and a Facebook site and calling it a success.

When you are organizing a conference or event, there are a number of ways to make social media work for you and even generate a greater ROI. Creating this social network not only creates an awareness and buzz about the event, but gets more people to attend it also, and better yet there is very limited cost to do so.

Here are a few ideas that you can do with social media for your event.

@ Registration

Most social media  allows you create an event and let people join /share/ communicate or follow. Having your delegates join these groups will start to spread the word to their followers and start the conversation and networking even before the event has happened, as well as let you spread updates and alerts easily.

Create Anticipation

Start discussions and polls on the topics at your event, Get people thinking about the subject matter and get their opinions early so Speakers can cover all aspects on what the delegates want to hear, creating more value and a better conference

Check out next weeks post for More ideas …..

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