Questions To Ask When Doing A Corporate Video Production

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Corporations are created so that they can generate profits. They cannot continue to exist in business using the traditional methods of marketing and operations. We now have this age where corporate video production, social media and web engagements have taken the lead. It would rare to find people who are not informed about the internet and how to use it, unless they have deliberately chosen to shut themselves from learning internet technology and the innovations in the computer community. Even kids today know how to get online and interact with their friends on the web, if they are given the right gadgets.

The era of newspapers and TV has become obsolete because they impose higher prices than a video production. If you consider cost per use of a video, you will realise that it is the most cost-effective tool for cultivating brand awareness, conducting trainings and tutorials as well as provide product knowledge to the public.

Here are some of the questions that an owner or a manager has to determine the answers for before proceeding to product a video for the company.

  1. What setting will the video have? Determine which is good for the video. Will a lighted background be better? You may need audio visual solutions to support you with good microphones, speakers and lighting.
  2. Who is the target audience for your video? This is the group of people you are addressing your message to. Would it be teenagers, women, children or senior people? These people are your targets in order that you can promote your products and brand better.
  3. Why are you making a video? This will determine your purpose why you are taking a lot of effort to produce a video. Maybe you need more people to be aware of your products so they will choose to buy your brand if they are made curious by your video.
  4. What should you tell the people after viewing the corporate video production? You tell the people to visit your website, buy, call or consult you after they have viewed the video. This is the “call to action” part which is very effective in marketing. Have your watched TV shopping channels? They are most effective in doing this and they do make a lot of money by mastering how to speak the language of their audience.

What should be the unique factor that will make people remember your video? This is your elevator pitch, designed to distinguish your product or company from all others who are claiming to provide the same service as you have.

What are the modes of distribution for your video production? This will determine if you will distribute your video through DVD copies, in your website or in video sharing sites like YouTube. You may also run your video during tradeshows and road shows, which can reach an additional market.

It is important to create a professional video complete with audio visual solutions and get published on the internet so that it will be liked by viewers and from there, can become viral.

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