Hybrid Events and Web Streaming

July 29th, 2014 Posted by News No Comment yet

Blue Shadow Group is please to announce a new product to the market place that will allow any conference or event to get online easily.

With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events have become a popular way of increasing participation in traditional events at a relatively low cost. They also enable participation by people who might be unable to attend physically and it allows you to keep a valuable record of your event. Web Streaming can help you spread your message further, offer better value to delegates and even generate an additional income stream. Blue Shadow Group offers a cost effective solutions to enable you to take your next event online.

Web Streaming allows you to deliver your presenter and their presentation in a single video file that can be loaded to YouTube as a public or private unlisted event (or your Video hosting service) Using the power of YouTube’s free service we can deliver your content live or on demand in full HD format.

Web Streaming delivers a video that can be played back anywhere on any device that can access YouTube. The player is fully branded and the layout of the player is customisable to your needs.

Web streaming your conference or event gives you flexibility in how you want your content and your online engagement to work.  At Blue Shadow Group we can customise a solution to deliver your content to your audience.


  • Microsites – with your branding and your logos
  • Generic full feature player to embed on your site
  • Web links to load to your website, emails and newsletters
  • YouTube or Vimeo channels
  • Or offline delivery on USB or DVD

 Check it out 

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