Christmas Event Hire Brisbane

November 3rd, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

Have you been struggling to find something new or different for your Christmas Office party and all the event hire companies in Brisbane can offer is the standard DJ and Light party in the office? Well I am going to assume you know that type of party as you have attended it year on year.

Well why not think outside the box and think ‘Outdoor cinema’

Blue shadow Group (an event hire company in Brisbane) has been offering the unique experience across NSW and QLD for many years and love promoting this unique experience.

It is a family friendly, fun and engaging solution for your Christmas party . It gives you the option of entertaining your audience so there is not a need for Alcohol or awkward conversations as you can put a great movie or series on and you can structure it around some good food (a simple BBQ is great) nice locations with play areas for kids and a bit of formality with the bosses speech and Christmas gift swap and presto you have a amazing night.

And what is better is it will be a memorable event that your staff and their family will cherish

So get in touch with us as there are only limited spots left till Christmas.

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