AV Tips for Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) – Part 2

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AV Tips for Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) – Part 2 – by Tom Gilmartin

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Organising a conference or seminar can be a lot of work and audio visual is just a part of that. In this article we’re going to go over a few items that are often over looked and can make the conference run much more smoothly or professionally.


When using lapel mics make sure you order enough microphones to cover your presenters. If you only have one presenter on stage at a time you still should order 2 mics. This means that the next presenter can be mic’d up whilst  the current presenter is still on stage.  If you have an MC that uses a lapel mic they will require their own one and keep it on for the day.

Have the presenters go to the ops desk to be mic’d up rather than the operator having to run up to stage or the presenters passing mics to each other. This ensures that the mic is fitted properly by our operator.

If you have a presenter that you know is very quietly spoken it is probably best that you insist they use a handheld mic or a lecturn mic. Lapel mics are very difficult to control when you have a quiet speaker and need more volume.

For Q&A sessions make sure you have enough handheld mics ordered for the room. Some organisers prefer to put the mics on a stand and have the audience member walk up to the mic whilst others prefer to have runners (staff members that will run the mic out to the questioner)

If you have two or more people speaking at a lecturn (especially awards) then order a lecturn with two microphones. This ensures an even coverage.

The size of the quoted PA system will be decided by the number of people you have attending. If that number substantially changes then let your AV supplier know.

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