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Christmas Parties Outdoor Cinema

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A unique Experience for your Christmas Function


Outdoor cinema BrisbaneThis is the perfect time of year to entertain your staff under the stars. Blue Shadow Groups outdoor cinemas experience is the perfect evening of “entertainment under the stars”.

Perfect for an engaging family friendly Christmas event or games night on the big screen.

Blue Shadow Group outdoor cinemas are the best available quality outdoor cinemas on the market.

With an amazing sound system capable of reaching an audience capacity of up to 5000 people plus, our Contour Line Array sound system employs the latest in audio technology.

We can customise the show to suit your Christmas Event and this impressive inflatable screen comes in a range of sizes to suit a small intimate gatherings to large communities and corporate gatherings.

If you have been searching for something that little bit different for your Christmas event then an outdoor cinema experience is perfect for you.

Prices Start from $1800.00 inc

Contact Diane on 0433 010 355 for a full list of inclusions or a custom quote to suit your needs

Christmas Event Hire Brisbane

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Have you been struggling to find something new or different for your Christmas Office party and all the event hire companies in Brisbane can offer is the standard DJ and Light party in the office? Well I am going to assume you know that type of party as you have attended it year on year.

Well why not think outside the box and think ‘Outdoor cinema’

Blue shadow Group (an event hire company in Brisbane) has been offering the unique experience across NSW and QLD for many years and love promoting this unique experience.

It is a family friendly, fun and engaging solution for your Christmas party . It gives you the option of entertaining your audience so there is not a need for Alcohol or awkward conversations as you can put a great movie or series on and you can structure it around some good food (a simple BBQ is great) nice locations with play areas for kids and a bit of formality with the bosses speech and Christmas gift swap and presto you have a amazing night.

And what is better is it will be a memorable event that your staff and their family will cherish

So get in touch with us as there are only limited spots left till Christmas.

Christmas Party event planning

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The job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem overwhelming, how do you please everyone and make it fun?


One big thing that can make or break an event through is planning, So how do you get it right. here are a few steps to help make it easy and memorable.

Set the date

Christmas is a busy period, the busiest of the year for many people venues fill up fast. That means you want to get a date secured in as early as possible.As with all event management this helps set the pace for the rest of the steps. But a few tips on the date, the day after may not be the most productive so pick a date that wont clash with the major presentation the company is giving, or pick a date in January if the venue you are after is out of your budget, there are big savings to be made.


Find out the budget

The size of your budget will ultimately have a huge impact on the type of Christmas party you organize, determining everything from the food and booze to the entertainment and choice of venue. and as every good even planner knows make sure you have enough in reserve through for any unforeseen expenses


What style of Christmas party you’re after

There is almost endless variety when it comes to the type of Christmas party that you can plan. It will be depend on many factors, including the location, budget, numbers attending and how much you want to be directly involved in planning and managing the event.

Checkbox Do you have the budget to accommodate husbands, wives and partners? These are the people who support your people so it’s good to thank them if you can afford it – but don’t compromise the quality of the party over it. You may also want to gauge whether or not your colleagues want partners to be involved or not.


If investigating these ideas sound like a lot of hassle you could contact an event company to do all the hard work for you, that way all you will have to do is select the best option. Some may charge for their services and others may just take a commission from the venue, event planner or the suppliers.

And  feel free to pick our brains, we can find ways to make your dollar go further or think outside the box when it comes to any event planning requirements

Making it look pretty: theming

The event theme is the heartbeat of your event and should be integrated throughout every aspect of the day or night.

Checkbox Choose a theme and plan it thoroughly. Some popular ideas include traditional Christmas, vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, quintessentially English, pantomime, circus,  winter wonderland, ballroom,….. the list is endless

Checkbox Then decide how you can pull off the theme c=off and if you need support contact us for event theming inspiration and quotes.

Fill bellies: the food

Food is the key part of any party and can easily be incorporated into the theme you choose. And it can make or break the event, but it does not have to be exspensive. if your event is outdoors there are great catering companies that will come out and venues often have great buffet packages

Checkbox Choose how you would like the food to be served. For example, do you want pre-dinner nibbles placed on the tables or canapés taken round by waiting staff? Would you prefer a buffet or a sit down three-course meal with full silver service – and will this be a set menu or will guests need to choose beforehand?

Checkbox Organize a vegetarian option if required and try to accommodate as many other dietary requirements as possible.


Making the right noises: choosing the entertainment

Dancing Movies, Bands or comedy show at the Christmas party is usually a must and it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to really let their hair down. But it does of course depend on the type of group you are catering for and how you want the night to pan out.

Make sure you have entertainment covered that will suit your audience and fill the evening. if you want some support in sourcing or selecting the right type of entertainment then chat to our event management team

Organise ‘thank-you’ speeches and awards

If you want the Christmas party to act as a thank-you to the staff then a nice way to thank everybody is by actually saying it.

Checkbox Ask a director or manager to deliver a short ‘thank-you’ speech and (if appropriate) give out a couple of awards to anybody who deserves to be recognised. Please note that any speech given at a party should be short, loud enough to be heard and not done too late – you want to ensure the speeches don’t get too rowdy or out of hand and that they don’t stop everybody from getting on and enjoying themselves.


Adding that touch of wow: extra ways to enhance your event

Sometimes little changes can make all the difference. You want your event to be enjoyable, pleasant and memorable for all the right reasons. chat to us and find out a for ideas that can make your event stand out from the ordinary and make it memorable for months to come