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AV Pro Partner Package

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We are all about exceptional events without the worry

Corporate eventYour own dedicated technician is waiting to help you, from now and until completion of your event!

NO more worries, we take away the concerns about the presentations and videos integrating seamlessly on the day, we’ve got your needs covered!

Blue Shadow Group is a boutique company that personalises the service, with a structured approach to ensure your message is communicated with excellence.

It is with this drive in mind that we have created an event solution package that you can take anywhere to ensure your event delivery is flawless.


Your package includes:

 Specialist control centre for all media management, sound management and lighting management in your chosen venue

 You will have your own specialist technician and on confirmation you will be able to a meet and greet you’re specialist. They will guide you through our 10 point plan to manager your speaker’s media run sheet and timings and ensure a smooth and stress free event

 Membership to the Blue Shadow Group Family.

What happens with Data projector/ Screens and Sound System?

We understand that a lot of venues have this product already installed and you don’t want to pay someone to put in what is already there, so we utilise the infrastructure in place, and you pay the in house AV gear pricing set by the hotel and we come and plug into that. We can even manage this process for you

How this is better than the in‐house provider booking and will it cost me more?

Audio Visual hire solutionsThis service is much better because we spend the time with you and work with you as if we were your in house IT pro AV manager, media manager. The technician you have on the day will be very well versed with your event prior and is invested in making sure that your media is played correctly, your sound cues are spot on and your event has the wow factor you envision. We become an add‐on to your team, we are available anytime to ensure you have all the information you need. We will make recommendations and suggestions and have all resources readily available to share. This service is packaged as a full service and your bill from the inhouse AV will be less as a result of purchasing this package.

 Where is this service offered?

We offer this service Australia wide in all Capital Cities and some regional centres , with local specialist servicing you.

What is membership to the Blue Shadow Group Family?

On joining our service you will receive a privilege membership. We offer free networking and relaxing trips away together with other conference professionals to unite* Conditions apply

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Easter Riddle

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Q.  A man wanted an Easter pet for his daughter. He looked at a baby chick and a baby duck. They were both very cute, but he decided to buy the baby chick. Do you know why?


A.  The baby chick was a little cheeper! (cheaper)

My Conference, My way!

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Have you ever gone to book an event with a popular venue to be told that they will organize your Audio visual Solutions and can Manage your event Theming?

Whilst on the outside it might seem like a good idea. as it may give you more time to focus on the other elements of the conference, it can however be a major down fall of your event and cost you more time and money than you thought


– If you are already locked into a contract for an event Supplier, what is to stop them from gauging you with unnecessary event hire requirements

– They may only be limited in their ability to supply a great Event Theme

– They will be more focused on ensuring they keep the venue happy to make sure they keep the contract with them than looking after our best interests if the venue does not like it done your way.

– They may not know you and your company that well and you will spend more time educating them to make sure it is delivered the way you like and need it to be.

If all else fails threaten to use your feet, most venues will not want to let the room and catering hire costs go for the sake of a few preferred suppliers.

So What Can You do about it?

Audio visual and video produciton solutionsContrary to popular belief we you are not restricted to use the Venues choice of Audio Visual or Event Theming supplier at 99% of venues across Australia. They just don’t tell you this as they loose out on commissions that the Audio Visual or Event Theming Supplier will pay.

– Before Entering into a contract ensure you read the terms and conditions and remove any requirements for preferred suppliers

– If you have entered into a contract already – Get a second opinion from another Audio Visual hire Company – at least you will have ammunition to go back and get the right AV gear at the right price

– Don’t worry about the onsite requirement for an “Integration tech” or “In House Supervisor”  companies like us have relationships with a lot of venues and know who to work around these requirements or can absorb the fees as we don’t have to pay commissions to the venue. You are more than likely going to save money on your Audio visual hire

Most Importantly though by going with a eternal supplier you have the opportunity to grow a strong relationship that you can take anywhere and to any venue. Here at Blue Shadow Group we have developed solutions and packages that allow you to take your team with you to all your events and we take the worry out of organizing all the Audio Visual and Video production Requirements and we get to know how you like to operate your events and thus deliver a stress free experience.   With our AV PRO Partner Package you will have your own dedicated technician that is waiting to help you, from now until the completion of your event.

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Event Hire Brisbane

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When you start looking to create an event you have wealth of options when it come to suppliers, and no matter what type of vent you are planning weather it be a corporate event, product launch or just a company dinner at some point you will need professionals in Brisbane to help you bring it all together.

So what sort of event hire services will you be looking at

  • Audio visual hire
  • Event Theming
  • Video Production Services
  • Venue Selection
  • Event management and more

So how do you make selecting and managing all these services easy

Reliable, Trusted Suppliers. When searching event hire businesses in Brisbane or anywhere look for supplier that have show themselves to be reliable and trustworthy, how can you determine this – look at the testimonials on their website

Past Events, Have the suppliers got a history in great events with a range of great ideas, see if they have a gallery of events to look at and these will even give you an indication of what they are able to achieve

Easy Communication Does the supplier offer easy lines of communication to make it easy for you to get the information that you need and some you may not even know you need

Simplicity: Blue Shadow Group offer a total event solution meaning you are not communication with multiple suppliers replicating the same information and we can take a lot of the stress out of the evnet by managing the majority of the processes required for your event hire

So give us a call and let us make your event hire needs in Brisbane simple