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Video Production Brisbane FAQS

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Why are businesses getting their own video production in Brisbane? Primarily, this tool is great for enhancing sales. Yet, that is not all. Videos can also be used to train employees or demonstrate how to use a tool, a program or how to do something.

In the past, televisions were the “in”” things. Business films and industrial videos have been very expensive to create. They were only available or affordable for a few business owners. However, in the present times, the abundance of video making materials and companies that offer corporate video production have it possible for videos to be used in marketing, training and promotions. Now, small businesses are obtaining the same privilege of getting people aware of their brands or products.

But some people are still not clear on how to create a video or why they should do one with a company that specialises in this thing. Here are some things to note when requesting a video to be created by the experts:

You can use your own talents – This is the good thing about being hands on when doing your video. If you have people who can act or talk clearly or are personable, you may utilise them for your voice over, narrations and demonstrations but you have to settle for any level of performance they can provide. They will be able to do the job while you also save on expenses. Hired actors can be expensive but they also provide you with quality performance. Since a video can be used for a long time, weigh things carefully if you want to use the people in the company as talents or for a more effective production, get a professional talent who can cope with changes in script, scene re-takes and a pleasant screen personality.

Your sales manager or someone from the top management can give the product presentation – It would be easier on the part of the video creators to film a setting while your sales manager conducts a product presentation. Dealing with products would require a person to have an extensive knowledge of the product. Do not hesitate in using your best people but remember, once the high-profile personnel decides to quit your company and transfers to another company, which is frequently the competitor’s, you’d be discarding the video and will try to make one again. This can give you a new cost for producing a video.

You can shoot your footage and request the video company to edit it – This is doable. Yet, if you want high-quality takes and script, you should not hesitate asking the video company for their services.

The video can take time to finish – You should know this as you might be excited to publish the video. Give it about a month to be completed, but it totally depends on the complexity of the production that you require. The specialists will have to do some pre-production work as well as be meticulous with the production phase and the post-production stage of the video.

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Stating Your Purposes For Corporate Video Production

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From a marketing standpoint, creating a corporate video production is essential. They are created to cater to a specific purpose and designed to become an alternative marketing and promotions method to see the company through tough competition. This allows corporations to express themselves through multimedia in order to reach their target markets.

There are many reasons why a company should do a video production in Gold Coast. It is called the purpose of the project, which can be a combination of the following:

  1. Selling products – If you are looking forward to sell more products, doing a video is a smart move. Videos are not only attractive to people but they engage people more, allowing trust to be built as they are listening to your message while watching the video. They also are effective when you are introducing a new product.
  2. Promoting services – This is vital to do if the product is you and your services. The video would be an easy platform to show them your skills and your past projects. Since a blog can be just a silent promotion and would be hard to locate to by people, a video provides you a more confident way of promoting your services to a large group of people.
  3. Training people – New hires in the company would require to be trained to be able to function like the company would like them to. This is the most effective method to introduce to people so that they will obtain the knowledge needed to fill complex roles inside the company. Implementing a training program with the use of videos can also give you an easier method of transferring knowledge to the new people in the company without having to use another person to explain details and processes.
  4. Demonstrating products or processes – A corporate video production can be made to tutor people on how to use products or how to do a process. This is a good tool since it can be replayed until the person watching it has mastered the process being demonstrated.
  5. Motivating employees – If you are seeing a lot of your employees and your top talents walk out the door, can be disheartening. People use up a significant part of their lives, so it is not unexpected that they will be looking forward to being rewarded. A video message can build people up so they are satisfied with the job that they do at work. You can gather people and play a video that will encourage them to perform better at work. This is a form of internal communication that can boost the morale of people. Videos can be used to encourage people to align themselves with corporate goals or improve their attendance. Video messages are retained better than any other type of media. When you want to create a better workplace for everyone, use a video to demonstrate this.
  6. Gather attention to your exhibit booth – Have you wondered why more people are checking out the booths with a video being played on and on? A video production in Gold Coast will catch the attention of people so that they become interested in your products in the exhibit booth if you are involved in a trade show.

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Video and Your AGM

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Have you considered how to deliver you AGM or company update quickly and easily to your audience.and still ensure it is an accurate record of the proceedings.


Web Streaming might just be the solution..

Web Streaming allows you to deliver your AGM  and the presentations in a single video file that can be loaded to YouTube as a public or private unlisted event (or your Video hosting service) Using the power of YouTube’s free service we can deliver your content live or on demand in full HD format.

Web Streaming delivers a video that can be played back anywhere on any device that can access YouTube. T

Web streaming your AGM or event gives you flexibility in how you want your content and your online engagement to work.  At Blue Shadow Group we can customise a solution to deliver your content to your audience.

Questions To Ask When Doing A Corporate Video Production

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Corporations are created so that they can generate profits. They cannot continue to exist in business using the traditional methods of marketing and operations. We now have this age where corporate video production, social media and web engagements have taken the lead. It would rare to find people who are not informed about the internet and how to use it, unless they have deliberately chosen to shut themselves from learning internet technology and the innovations in the computer community. Even kids today know how to get online and interact with their friends on the web, if they are given the right gadgets.

The era of newspapers and TV has become obsolete because they impose higher prices than a video production. If you consider cost per use of a video, you will realise that it is the most cost-effective tool for cultivating brand awareness, conducting trainings and tutorials as well as provide product knowledge to the public.

Here are some of the questions that an owner or a manager has to determine the answers for before proceeding to product a video for the company.

  1. What setting will the video have? Determine which is good for the video. Will a lighted background be better? You may need audio visual solutions to support you with good microphones, speakers and lighting.
  2. Who is the target audience for your video? This is the group of people you are addressing your message to. Would it be teenagers, women, children or senior people? These people are your targets in order that you can promote your products and brand better.
  3. Why are you making a video? This will determine your purpose why you are taking a lot of effort to produce a video. Maybe you need more people to be aware of your products so they will choose to buy your brand if they are made curious by your video.
  4. What should you tell the people after viewing the corporate video production? You tell the people to visit your website, buy, call or consult you after they have viewed the video. This is the “call to action” part which is very effective in marketing. Have your watched TV shopping channels? They are most effective in doing this and they do make a lot of money by mastering how to speak the language of their audience.

What should be the unique factor that will make people remember your video? This is your elevator pitch, designed to distinguish your product or company from all others who are claiming to provide the same service as you have.

What are the modes of distribution for your video production? This will determine if you will distribute your video through DVD copies, in your website or in video sharing sites like YouTube. You may also run your video during tradeshows and road shows, which can reach an additional market.

It is important to create a professional video complete with audio visual solutions and get published on the internet so that it will be liked by viewers and from there, can become viral.