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Reasons to Get Video Production In Brisbane

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Video production is not a simple task for those who have never had the training and experience to generate this kind of output. However, things are easier at present because you have the option to hire a team for video production in Brisbane. This team will be responsible for the following processes in the entire production work:

The Production Process

A company’s video presentation on their website video is an essential component for their marketing strategy. In case you do not know what elements to consider in a good video, you will struggle for ideas on how to complete it. Most videos that make a great impact are not more than 5 minutes. Anything more than that would be disastrous because people do not have the energy to devout to long videos. They want precise messages and concise video content so that they can grasp what you want to convey to them.

If it is longer than they expect, you won’t be able to tell them your call to action which is an important part of your video marketing strategy. Audio visual hire people in Brisbane have enough experience in video production and they know how to include elements that make it an effective medium creating awareness for your company or your products.

The Post Production Process

While the production process is one of the most difficult stages in the entire video production, you should also be able to perform post-production. One thing you should have knowledge of is to have a video editing tool to provide a high quality output before the video is published. Along with the editing process is the sound editing procedure.

Once you do not have the expertise in picking the right music score, your video can be a calamity, unable to hold the attention of the viewer for long if the audio is not clear and there’s a distressing music score that has been injected into the video presentation. Post-production will also involve the choice for cinematic effects like if you want the video to appear in sepia, coloured, HDR, soft, grainy or black and white. You will also require the help of a picture editor if you want to include images in the filmed video. Ask a professional involved in video production Brisbane if you are not sure on what to do at the post-production process of the video.

The Broadcasting Process

In the web, you have a myriad of options on where to post your video. There is no shortage of these sites where you are allowed to share a good video. The video professionals will help you in converting video into accepted formats in these sites. You only have to guarantee your audience that what they are clicking on from the video list will be worth their time. Hence, the need for properly generated videos is great. Unless you do this, you will not gain the attention of your audience in the succeeding videos you publish on video sharing sites. You also have the chance to broadcast your new video on your website, which will greatly support your quest for traffic and awareness for your products.

If you need assistance for video production or audio visual hire in Brisbane, get in touch with a Blue Shadows representative on 1300 767 755.

Hybrid Events and Web Streaming

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Blue Shadow Group is please to announce a new product to the market place that will allow any conference or event to get online easily.

With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events have become a popular way of increasing participation in traditional events at a relatively low cost. They also enable participation by people who might be unable to attend physically and it allows you to keep a valuable record of your event. Web Streaming can help you spread your message further, offer better value to delegates and even generate an additional income stream. Blue Shadow Group offers a cost effective solutions to enable you to take your next event online.

Web Streaming allows you to deliver your presenter and their presentation in a single video file that can be loaded to YouTube as a public or private unlisted event (or your Video hosting service) Using the power of YouTube’s free service we can deliver your content live or on demand in full HD format.

Web Streaming delivers a video that can be played back anywhere on any device that can access YouTube. The player is fully branded and the layout of the player is customisable to your needs.

Web streaming your conference or event gives you flexibility in how you want your content and your online engagement to work.  At Blue Shadow Group we can customise a solution to deliver your content to your audience.


  • Microsites – with your branding and your logos
  • Generic full feature player to embed on your site
  • Web links to load to your website, emails and newsletters
  • YouTube or Vimeo channels
  • Or offline delivery on USB or DVD

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Modern Audio Visual Hire

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Events at the present day such as road shows, awarding ceremonies, conferences or sales presentations would likely call for professional audio visual hire in Brisbane services to make these events become lively and be more professional in their presentations. There’s nothing like state-of-the-art AV equipment to give your event the power to communicate well and cultivate a great ambience.

It is a sensible decision for the company that conducts the events to get a solid backing from technicians who know how to operate the latest equipment. The real audio visual services do not leave anything to chance in providing the paramount assistance for any type of events. These experts are great in conceptualising event designs and layout.

Those working in the field of audio-video hire are keen with their artistic competence and you won’t see their set of skills just anywhere. Therefore, when planning to hold a big event, you need a team of experts in video production in Brisbane to help make things more organised and tidy as the preparations for the event are being carried out.

It’s not just any kind of equipment that may be used if an event has to make a high impression for a company. Take for instance, a road show event that will be aimed to attract more awareness about a company and their products. A road show carries great potential in terms of creating a centre of attention for people who may be interested in buying your products.  This event may also require you to give a video production piece to the audience and therefore, it has to be done in a professional manner. After the multi-media presentation, the audience can be allowed to raise their questions and there will be someone from the company to address these queries.

Your road show is an extremely visible means that will allow you to come face to face with ready product buyers. You can rent a space where there is high traffic of people. Here you will be able to have real interaction with people and gather leads from a wide demographic for the purpose of expanding your market. The road show event can also be used to distribute samples of your products to give an opportunity for your sales people to strike conversations with the public and know something about them.

After the event, you can post an online version of the road show presentation so that many more people can be made aware of your company and product. In addition, they will have to chance to see how successful your event was done.

The audience nowadays is well exposed to good audio and video technology. To capture their attention, your event must make use of cutting edge equipment. This can be exceedingly costly if you personally invest in all of these types of equipment. However, with audio visual hire Brisbane, everything you need from event planning to AV equipment supply, rigging and installation will be provided. On top of that, you have the chance to be served by the best people in the audio-video servicing industry.

For more information about video production in Brisbane, speak with a Blue Shadows representative on 1300 767 755.

Creating A Great Corporate Video Production

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What do you understand about producing a corporate video? The term can be scary for those who know nothing about the ins and outs of this job. This is actually a presentation used by a company to entice people and grab their attention as a way to convince people to become buyers of their products. Whether the video is an introduction about the company or a presentation about the benefits of a new product they carry, you have to make sure that the video is worth the time that people are giving it. Otherwise, your campaign for business and product awareness won’t be successful because no new customers will come into your door. The creation of a corporate video production in Brisbane should be given the proper assistance by professionals in this field.

A good video can bring the message to the people you are targeting and will generate a solid relationship with them, provided that you send out the right message through the video content. If you don’t have the basic video production tools and the skilled people to complete a great video, then you can employ the experts of video production in Brisbane for the benefit of everybody you will be presenting the video to. Here are a few guidelines to note when you want to arrive at a great video production:



In everything you carry out, you must have a good plan. To fail to do planning on what to do and following a timeline can contribute to better results for your video. From the plan, you will know the streamlining process in filming, aside from easing up the people who will participate in the creation of the video. They can either be paid people or one of your employees who will do the acting. The plan will serve as your map as to how the video sequence should flow, and whether the actors should give ad-libs or follow a script. In the plan, consider the length of the video. It should not exceed more than 5 minutes so that the audience who usually has a short attention span won’t get bored.


Production Value

When you want to create an engaging video, you have to incorporate the use of good tools such as a video camera or a sound equipment. Make sure that the audio is clean and the images or footage has high resolution. If you are aiming to create an instructional video for your product, film the video on a white background to eliminate distraction. It would be good to ask the help of professionals doing corporate video production in Brisbane when you do not have the tools and the keenness to accomplish this by yourself.



To get people to watch the new video, you have to know which sites would be good to share them. At present, there are countless video sharing sites that you can take advantage of. Most of these sites offer free sharing services. The only thing you have to make sure is the quality of your video. Also you can instruct your people to share this video to the customers to obtain a larger viewership and create better public awareness for your product.

For more ideas on how to create better video production in Brisbane, speak with a Blue Shadows representative on 1300 767 755.