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Daniel de Vries

Why use "video" to promote your business? – Part 1

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In this series of blog posts we will look at why video should be used to promote your business – by Daniel de Vries

Daniel de Vries


Reason 1 – Video Offers User Engagement

Reading is an active experience. As you are reading this blog entry now, you are choosing the speed at which you take in the words, the moments where you pause to consider the statements and in which order you view the sections. Your journey through the content is very much self-determined and goes through the following cognitive process:

  • Perception
  • Appraisal of meaning
  • Evaluation of meaning
  • Emotional response

This might look like…

  • I am reading about online Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing is the process of promoting an entity via web video
  • This could be useful for my company
  • I am excited to learn more

However, web video as a medium, allows a user very little freedom in terms of consumption — it’s easy for users to skim read text and decide which sections are most relevant to them. Web Video offers no ‘skim-read’ option — you either watch the web video in its entirety, or it fails to hold your attention and you stop watching.

Additionally, watching a web video is a somewhat passive experience. When users decide to press ‘play’, they are asking to be shown something — asking to be given the content in an integrated, multi-disciplinary form — rather than digging through the content and exploring the meaning for themselves.

Corporate web Video is therefore a different method of engaging audiences than still images and text. With video, the experience of comprehension is more immediate, driven by the story being told and the deterministic nature of the restricted timescale. The amount of information that can be displayed through one second of web video vastly outnumbers the amount of information that can be read.

This means the emotional response – the knee jerk reaction – often comes before the full appraisal of the content or the comprehension of the meaning, whereas with text the emotional response occurs much later.

Consequently, web video allows you to generate instant emotional connection with an audience, helping you to build influencers quickly and efficiently from an unengaged audience; but conversely can also earn you detractors just as quickly. As such, the corporate video you create must achieve that instant emotional engagement, otherwise you risk turning off potential influencers and customers.

“If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video is worth a 1000 words, 25 times a second.”

Until next time…

When is "last minute" "too late" for your event?

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When is “last minute” “too late” for your event? – by Daniel de Vries

Daniel de Vries

Blue Shadow Group (BSG) create jaw dropping events.  There is nothing our team love more than seeing the audience, guests or delegates walk in to a venue for an event we are managing and we can lip read them saying Wow as they look around.  However, creating the “wow” factor for your event can take time.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ticking all the boxes for your event but sometimes we can work magic in less time than you think…

While we love to deliver with the grace of  long lead time we also understand that there are often last minute events or last minute requests for any event.  Sometimes it is only when you get to the venue that you realise there is something vital missing or perhaps your (and your boss) are not feeling the wow.

Blue Shadow group have AV equipment, Video production teams, Sound specialists, lighting experts and themeing materials on hand to help you out of a sticky situations but when is “last minute” “too late”?

If you have employed BSG to manage your event then we will pull out all the stops until the applause has died down and the last chair is empty.  No request is too silly or too late if we can physically and logistically make it happen.  You have our team behind you with full support, that’s why you employed us?

On the simpler side of things you may be managing an event yourself and overlooked something.  Never fear as a call to 1300 767755 can find out instantly if BSG can solve the problem.

We don’t mind taking to stress away from your for your event management or last minute crisis.  It’s what we do.  We have usually seen it before and we will fix it with a smile and the back up of our professional team of experts and techies.

So when is last minute too late?  With our phone number in your phone… pretty much never!